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Adding a Signature for a Provider and Using it in a Template
Adding a Signature for a Provider and Using it in a Template

Learn how you can create a signature for a provider and use it in a template.

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This video is references how to create a template for provider signatures. Whether you are charting notes or exporting documents that require the provider's signature, this template allows users to place the provider signature on patient documentation and correspondence.

  1. Go to your Templates page.

  2. Click '+ New Template' to generate a new template.

  3. In the template name, put 'Provider Signature' or a similar name.

  4. Name the shortcut a similar name as well.

  5. In the description box, you will put the provider signature. Note: My signature is for any user in the system, whereas provider signature is for the patient's provider they are assigned to.

  6. Click on primary provider signature.

  7. Under the signature, you can put the provider name (Primary Provider), which is located under Patient Demographics.

When the below appears in the template and is utilized in the chart, it will input the provider's name and signature into the patients chart:

{ { provider signature } }

{ { primary provider } }

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