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View & Edit Draft Notes

View drafts and manage unfinished draft notes.

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When you have multiple things going on in the day, you may have some unfinished draft notes. We have made it easy for you by keeping all of those in one place

  1. Start by creating a new interaction for a patient, and select 'Note'

2. Once you have started the note, but are not ready to complete it click 'Save Draft'

3. You can close this interaction window now, since it is saved. A new notification will appear on the Dashboard.

4. When you are ready to revisit your drafts, click 'My Drafts'. You will be taken to the list of unfinished draft interactions. You can click on the draft line to take you to the note.

5. The draft note window will pop up. When you have completed the note, click 'Sign'.

6. After you sign the draft, the notification will be removed from your Dashboard. You can find the signed note in the patient’s chart.

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