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Create and Download Patient Growth Charts

Learn how to create and utilize growth charts in your practice.

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By quickly entering in measurements, you can generate and print growth charts.

  1. On a patient's chart, click the 3 vertical dots to expand the menu selection and click 'Growth Charts'

2. Add measurements by clicking '+ Add Measurements'

3. Choose how to view the data by selecting from the available options

4. Download the growth chart by clicking Download

If you make a mistake on a growth chart entry:

You can delete or edit an incorrect growth chart entry by following these steps:

  1. In clinical: Navigate to the patient's chart

  2. Find the incorrect 'Vitals' (i.e. growth chart) interaction that you want to edit or delete, and click on it to open it up

  3. Click the 'Trash Can' icon to delete it, or if you want to edit/ change the info you can edit it, and then click 'Addend' at the bottom to save your changes

I attached an example from my test account below:

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