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Using Signatures in Clinical

Use different signatures for several purposes & learn how to add a Provider Signature in a template to use in clinical notes.

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In order for a user to save their signature in All-In-One, the user will go to:

Clinical > Settings > User Management > Click on the User

On this page, select 'Capture new signature' to save the user's signature. After this step, follow the videos below to use the signature in Clinical.

Provider Signature vs. My Signature

There are two shortcuts available in templates for signatures. Provider Signature will display the patient's assigned provider's signature, while the My Signature displays the practice user's signature (not provider specific).

Adding a Signature for a Provider and Using it in a Template

This video references how to create a template for provider signatures. Whether you are charting notes or exporting documents that require the provider's signature, this template allows users to place the provider signature on patient documentation and correspondence.

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