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Patient Chart Interactions Overview

Learn about all the interactions available to use on a patient's chart

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  • Document

    • Allows practice to upload files into the Document and add notes on the file upload

  • Email

    • Allows practice to email the patient directly from the practice email

    • Patient's email automatically populates

    • Practice can utilize templates in emails that you have saved

  • Fax:

    • Faxes can be assigned from the Communications page as an interaction OR you can select them from the Cloud/desktop

    • Practice can also add notes to the fax interaction

  • Form:

    • Allows practice to send customized forms/questionnaires to the patient

    • Forms can be sent via SMS or Email

  • Lab:

    • Allows practices to order labs for your patients and see results

  • Note:

    • Allows practice to document patient chart notes using templates

  • Phone Call:

    • If the patient were to call the practice, it would be logged as an interaction - this allows the practice to log another call or add additional details

  • Rx:

    • Allows practice to dispense medications in-house or e-Prescribe

  • SMS:

    • Allows practice to SMS message the patient

  • Log SMS:

    • Allows practice to put notes on a message, without sending the patient an SMS message

  • Vitals:

    • Allows practice to record patient vitals

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