Set Up Phone Number Forwarding in Hint All-In-One
Set Up SMS and Call Forwarding for Your Practice Phone Number
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Hint All-In-One allows you to forward text messages and phone calls made to your practice number directly to your users' personal phones. Follow the steps below to set up phone number forwarding for your practice:

1. In Hint Clinical, navigate to Settings > Practice Info

2. Under the SMS and Call Forwarding section on this page, you will see your practice phone number listed; this is the phone number patients will call or text directly:

3. This practice phone number can be forwarded to different places; click in the 'Forwarding To' box to see a drop-down list of the users that you can forward calls and text messages to:

4. Select which user(s) you are forwarding to

5. The selected user(s) will receive all practice phone calls and notifications of text messages

6. To manage phone calls and text messages in Hint Clinical, navigate to 'Communication' in the main menu on the left of your screen

Note: If you have set up a custom practice voicemail greeting in Hint All-In-One, denying a patient's phone call that was forwarded to your personal cell phone will send the patient to your personal voicemail instead of your All-In-One practice voicemail. If you would like to deny a call and send the patient to the practice’s recorded voicemail, you can either:

  1. Let the incoming call ring until it times out

  2. Silence the incoming call and let it ring until it times out

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