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Patient Self-Scheduling Set Up

In Hint Clinical, you have the option to allow patients to self-schedule appointments by setting up your availability.

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  1. In Hint Clinical, navigate to 'Settings'

  2. Click on the 'Calendars' tab

  3. Here you can see all the Calendars you have set up in your practice. To set up Scheduler click on 'Scheduler Settings'

  4. A box will appear, click '+ Add Scheduling Page'

  5. Enter the Event Name, Location and Duration you want to default to then click 'Next' Note: This is where you begin to customize your Scheduler. The information seen here is what your patients will see on their calendar once the appointment is confirmed.

  6. Enter your availability. You can do a combination of days and times. You can also customize the scheduling link. Then click 'Create'

  7. Once the scheduler is created you can select 'View' to see what it looks like or click 'Copy Link' to paste on your practice website or be able to email the link to the patient.

  8. You can customize this even more by adding custom fields. To do so click 'Edit'

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