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Get to Know Your Calendar and Schedule Patient Appointments
Get to Know Your Calendar and Schedule Patient Appointments

Schedule patient appointments directly from your calendar in Hint Clinical

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  1. In Hint Clinical, open your calendar by selecting the 'Calendar' icon from the left sidebar

  2. Choose between a day, week, month, or agenda schedule in the upper right corner

  3. Click and select a time slot on your calendar to schedule an appointment. This will open the New Calendar Item window

  4. In the New Calendar Item window:

    1. Select 'Appointment'

    2. Search for and select the patient you'd like to schedule the appointment with

    3. To make this appointment a video call, select the 'Video Call' check box

    4. Specify the time, frequency, and any required notes for this appointment

    5. Select which provider will have this appointment assigned to them on the calendar. Providers are color-coded on the calendar.

  5. Click 'Save' to finalize the appointment. You'll now see the new appointment on your calendar

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