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Send a Fax in Hint Clinical

Upload, Send, and View Faxes

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Uploading the File to Your Practice's File Drive:

1. In Hint Clinical navigate to 'File Drive' in the main menu on the left of your screen

2. Click 'Select Files':

3. Select the file from your computer

4. Click 'Upload to current folder' to upload the file to the current folder

5. Click 'Select where to upload' to select a different file drive folder to upload the file to

After you have uploaded the file to a folder in your File Drive, it is ready to be faxed.

Sending the Fax:

1. Navigate to Communication > Incoming Faxes

2. Click '+New Fax'

3. Navigate to the left side of the screen and fill out the fax cover page details:

4. Navigate to the right side of the screen and upload a file:

5. Click 'Select a practice file' to search for and select one of the files you have already uploaded to your practice's file library

Note: In order to add practice files, the files must be located in the root folder in order for them to appear in this dropdown. Files that are in folders will not be accessible via this dropdown.

6. Click 'Select File' to upload a file directly from your computer

7. Click 'Send Fax' to send the fax to your intended recipient

Viewing Faxes

To view faxes in Hint Clinical:

  1. Navigate to File Drive > Incoming Faxes

  2. Click on a fax to open it

  3. You can choose to assign the fax to a patient chart, download the fax to your computer, print the fax, or mark it as unread

  4. Click on 'View all Faxes' to see a list of all inbound and outbound faxes:

Note: the dashboard will indicate that you have a new fax as shown in the screen shot below:

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