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Schedule Text Messages in Hint Clinical

Schedule Text Messages to Patients in Advance

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Hint Clinical allows you to schedule text messages to send to patients at your desired time. This support article will show you how to create & schedule text messages in advance, as well as how to view or edit text messages that have already been scheduled.

Scheduling a Message

1. In Hint Clinical, navigate to the patient chart that you would like to schedule a text message for

2. Click '+Interaction' and select 'SMS' from the drop-down:

3. Type the text message

4. Click '...' to the left of the message to see more options:

5. Click 'Send Later' to open the scheduling screen

6. Click the Calendar icon to select the date and time of the scheduled text:

7. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the screen to save the scheduled text message.

Viewing and Editing Scheduled Text Messages

1. Navigate to Communication > Scheduled Communications to view all scheduled txt messages

2. Click on a scheduled text message to edit it

You will also see scheduled text messages when initiating a new SMS interaction with a patient. Click on the rightward arrow icon to edit the scheduled message:

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