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Getting to Know Your Settings
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To access your settings, click the "Settings" icon on the toolbar:

From here, you can view/edit your current settings by navigating to it's corresponding settings tab:

  1. 'Practice Info': "SMS and Call Forwarding" means that anytime your practice receives a phone call and/or an SMS text message to your practice's main phone number, those calls and text messages will also be forwarded to one of your Hint user's cell phones (or alternative phone number), so you can answer calls/texts from a different phone. You can add a user to receive "SMS and Call Forwarding" to their desired phone number, by clicking any open white space in the "Forwarding to" box. To remove a user from "SMS and Call Forwarding", click the "X" symbol next to their name in the "Forwarding to" box. The 'Practice Info' settings tab also, displays all of the basic information about your practice (i.e. Practice Name, Phone Number, Fax Number, and Email). To edit this information you will need to switch to 'Hint Business' and go to Admin> Account,> 'General'.

  2. 'User Management': The 'User Management' tab setting allows you to add, edit, and remove Hint users.

    -To add a new user: click the "+ New User" button, add in the Users information, and assign them to a user role. Different user roles have different account access and abilities:

    - Admins: can do everything in a practice including updating practice information and creating new users. They may also prescribe medication (If they are configured to do so, with their ePrescription Permissions).

    -Providers: can do everything an admin can do except they cannot create new users.

    -Employees: can do all a provider can do except prescribe medication (depending on the eRx configuration).

    is where you may assign different administrative roles to employees in your practice. You may also add new employees or colleagues.

    -To remove a user: Type their name into the search bar,> click into their user profile,> then click the red "Delete User" button to delete and remove a User from your Hint account.

    -To Edit a User: Type their name into the search bar,> click into their user profile. From here you can edit their Name, Email, Cell Phone Number, Permission Role, Degree, ePrescription Permissions (i.e. Prescriber Type, NPI Number, DEA Number, DEA Expiration Date, and you can add or remove State Licenses by clicking "+ Add License").

  3. 'Calendars' : Setting tab, is where you can edit existing calendars or add new calendars for employees to be assigned to. You may also change the color-coding for each calendar. The "Scheduler Settings" allows you to add new Scheduling Pages or edit any existing Scheduling Page. To add a new calendar, click the "+ New Calendar" button.

  4. 'Templates': is where you may create and edit new shortcuts to create templates. These can be used in all text editors, including notes and emails.

  5. 'eRx (Dose Spot)': is where you will connect your Dose Spot account to your Hint account when you use Dose Spot for the first time.

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