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Getting to Know your File Drive Page

Files Drive, Folders, Adding a new folder, adding a new file to an existing folder, patient files/folders

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  1. To view your current files, or to add newly uploaded files, select the "Filesโ€ icon from the toolbar.

  2. You'll be redirected to the "Files Drive" page. Here, you can see all uploaded files and folders in your practice. Double-clicking on a patient folder will show you all files associated with that patient's chart.

  3. To upload a new file, click "Select Files" or drag and drop one into the bar. From here you can choose to upload the file to a current folder, by clicking on "Upload to current folder", then click on the existing folder you want your new file added to. Or you can use the "Select where to upload" button to either "Create a New Folder", or add to an existing folder by using the "Current Folder" dropdown menu.

    • Your newly uploaded files will feed instantly into the directory. You may now insert these into emails or send them directly through eFaxing.

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