Ordering Patient Labs
How to order patient labs using Hint All-In-One
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  1. Navigate to the patient chart in Hint Clinical

  2. Click '+Interaction' and select 'Lab'

  3. Search for 'Vendor' by name

  4. Select single location or all locations and click 'Continue'

  5. Search and select test and click 'Continue'

  6. Enter additional details and click 'Continue'

  7. Choose to print or fax the requisition form or skip electronic submission

  8. Once confirmed, click 'Submit'

  9. An Invoice for this lab charge will be automatically created in Hint Business

    1. If the patient is paying and has an existing invoice in draft status, the lab charge will be added to the draft invoice

    2. If the patient is paying and there is no draft invoice, a new invoice will be created for the lab charge

    3. If coverage plan rules dictate that the patient's employer is paying, the lab charge will be added to the draft employer invoice

  10. Navigate to the invoice to process or schedule payment

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