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Ordering Patient Labs

How to order patient labs using Hint Clinical

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  1. Navigate to the patient chart in Hint Clinical

  2. Click '+Interaction' and select 'Lab'

  3. Search and select the lab.

    1. If the lab is highlighted in green and you have an "E" symbol next to the lab name, you are bi-directionally electronically connected to this lab.

    2. If the lab is not highlighted in green, but it is listed on the lab facility list, this means you can place fax orders or print lab orders through this lab facility.

  4. Once lab is selected, copy the location name and search in 'Vendor'

  5. Select location and click 'Continue'

  6. In the “Search your contracted lab tests by name or code” search box, type in the test name and select the test that you want to order. This will populate the charge item that you have created in Hint with the lab name, test code, facility, and price. Press the copy button on the lab test code.

  7. Paste this test code into the “Search Test” search box to select this test for the lab order. Note: If the lab does not populate, this means that the lab facility no longer has this test code in their system as an orderable test. Please reach out to if you encounter this.

  8. Select test with matching name and ID and click 'Continue' (the lab test should match the code that is uploaded in your Lab Charge Items)

  9. Enter additional details and click 'Continue'

  10. To ensure the lab is properly billed to the patient, you will need to select "Client (Our Account) under "Bill To:".

  11. Choose to print or fax the requisition form or skip electronic submission

  12. Once confirmed, click 'Submit'

  13. An Invoice for this lab charge will be automatically created in Hint Core

  • If the patient is paying and has an existing invoice in draft status, the lab charge will be added to the draft invoice

  • If the patient is paying and there is no draft invoice, a new invoice will be created for the lab charge

  • If coverage plan rules dictate that the patient's employer is paying, the lab charge will be added to the draft employer invoice

14. Navigate to the invoice to process or schedule payment

15. Once the lab is ordered, it will populate as an interaction in the patient chart.

16. When the lab result is returned, it will be placed in the results section of the original lab interaction that was created for the order.

If you are drawing labs from your office:

  • You will need to select the “specimen for the source collected” checkbox (this annotates that you drew the sample).

  • You will also need to print the lab vial label. The facility that you select is up to the practice, but that sample has to be dropped off at the lab, therefore it makes sense for it to be the closest facility that you are contracted with.

  • Where to document results in Hint?

    • At this time, the Lab Interaction is primarily for labs that are ordered through Health Gorilla. We recommend that any results that you obtain are uploaded via the Notes interaction, where you can upload a PDF of the results for documentation purposes.

Can an lab order be canceled once the order is placed?

  • Once labs are ordered in Hint, there is no way to cancel or modify a lab order after it is sent.

Potential Errors When Drawing Labs:

  • Patient Demographics Aren't Complete

    • In order to successfully order labs for a patient, the following information must be filled out on a patient chart:

      • Legal Name [Required]

      • Chosen Name [Required]

      • Date of Birth

      • Sex

      • Address

      • Phones [Required]

      • Email [Required]

Note: Refrain from ordering labs if you are using Incognito Mode within Google Chrome. It will fail to authenticate because Incognito is designed to block it.

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