Upload Client-Bill Lab Price List to Hint Business
Learn how to upload your lab prices to automatically invoice patients for labs on client-bill pricing
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  • When you have a lab account established with a lab provider, you can ask your lab representative to provide you with a "client-bill price sheet" for your lab account. This price list will have all the Test ids, description of labs, and associated prices for all the labs that you can order

  • You will need this price list in "CSV" file format to be able to transpose this client-bill price sheet onto Charge Item CSV file upload

  • In All-In-One go to: Business > Admin > Charges > Upload from CSV

  • On the Upload Charge Items page, you will notice that there is a template that you can use to upload your lab prices into your practice. Click the template link to download the CSV file template (You can also download this CSV file at the bottom of this article)

  • From your client-bill price sheet that was provided to your by your lab representative, you will copy the following information onto your All-In-One charge item file:

Copy these items from your Lab Client-Bill Price Spreadsheet

Paste these items onto your All-In-One Charge Item Upload Spreadsheet


Name of Item










  • Insert the following information on your Charge Item Upload Spreadsheet for all of the rows for the labs:

    • Category

      • "Labs"

    • Taxable

      • "FALSE"

    • Facility or Manufacturer

      • Name of the lab provider, Example: "LabCorp", "Quest Diagnostics", "CPL", etc.

  • Leave the following columns blank on your Charge Item Upload Spreadsheet:

    • ID

    • Description

    • Quantity in Stock

    • Code Type

    • Days Supply

  • Notes:

    • If there are leading

Your client-bill price sheet that your lab provider sent to you may look similar to this:

It should be transposed to look like this:

  • After you copied all the lab information onto the Hint Charge Item Upload CSV and inserted information in the following columns [Category / Taxable / Facility or Manufacturer] you will save the file in CSV file format to your computer

  • After your file is saved, upload your file by selecting "Choose File"

  • After uploading your file, you will receive confirmation that it was successfully uploaded

  • Within a few minutes, your labs will populate under "Charge Items" and when you order a lab from a patient's chart, the associated price will be added onto the patient's invoice (if you selected "client-bill" pricing when ordering the lab)

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