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Setting up a New Practice Email

Let's set up a new practice email to connect to your new email with your Hint Clinical platform.

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Hint Clinical allows you to connect your practice email account so that you can easily communicate and schedule with your patients. If you do not yet have a practice email account, we recommend setting up a custom domain. This will look like instead of We highly recommend using Google Workspace as this is an affordable option that provides HIPAA compliance and also integrates really well with the Hint All in One capabilities. Follow the steps below to set up your new practice email account.

  1. Go to and click "Get Started"

  2. Fill out your practice name and how many users you will have.

3. Next, fill out the practice admin information.

4. Next, this is where you can set up your custom domain. You can search to see what is available then choose what best fits your practice. Or, if you have an existing domain you can link it here.

5. This will walk you through the steps to finish setting up your new Google Workspace account. Choose the plan that fits your practice.

6. Set your new practice email address. Pick a generic email address like or so that emails coming from your practice are not tied to one individual.

7. Once your Google Workspace account is completely set up you will be able to link to your Hint Clinical account by going to the Clinical side and clicking on the Action Items button. You will see an option to link your email account, please follow the link to connect. When the pop up box appears you will see some boxes that are unchecked. By checking all boxes you are allowing the Hint Clinical system to send/receive emails and to access your calendar. Please check both boxes and click Continue.

8. You have successfully connected your email account - nice work!

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