All-In-One - Ordering Labs Utilizing Patient Insurance
Learn about how to order a patient lab utilizing "Third-Party" billing so the patient's insurance pays for the lab invoice
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When ordering a lab in All-In-One, you can add the patient's insurance information manually to the lab order requisition. To do this, you will:

  • Go to the patient's chart > click + Interaction > select Lab

  • In the Lab Interaction box, you will click on the lab vendor and click continue

  • You will add the tests to the order by either selecting the labs or searching in the search bar. Once you've added the lab(s) to the order, click continue

  • Insert a patient diagnosis (required for billing insurance)

  • Change the "bill to" category to Third-Party and click continue

  • Click eSign & Submit

  • Click Text > Add the text box in the open space to the right of the Provider ID & NPI

  • Write the patient's insurance information - all of this information is required:

    • Insurance Provider

    • Policy # or Member ID

    • Group ID

    • Insurer Phone Number

    • Insurer Full Address

  • After you have added all the patient's insurance information, insert the provider's signature onto the lab order by clicking Signature and place this at the bottom of the requisition > click Done

  • You've successfully submitted the lab order with the patient's insurance information on the lab requisition!

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