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Clinical - Ordering Labs Utilizing Patient Insurance

Learn about how to order a patient lab utilizing "Third-Party" billing so the patient's insurance pays for the lab invoice

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When ordering a lab in Clinical, you can add the patient's insurance information manually to the lab order requisition. To do this, you will:

  • Go to the patient's chart > click + Interaction > select Lab

  • In the Lab Interaction box, you will click on the lab vendor and click continue

  • You will add the tests to the order by either selecting the labs or searching in the search bar. Once you've added the lab(s) to the order, click continue

  • Insert a patient diagnosis (required for billing insurance)

  • Click "Specimen for the order collected" and then select "Continue" (green button)

  • You will then see "Edit Primary Insurance" pop up under "Bill to - Third Party" (red text)

  • Click "Edit Primary Insurance" to write in the patient's insurance information

    • All of the following information is required under Primary Insurance:

      • Insurance Provider

      • Policy # or Member ID

      • Group ID

      • Insurer Phone Number

      • Insurer Full Address

  • Once the patient's insurance information is added, click "Save"

  • Unselect "Specimen for the order collected" (if you are not collecting the blood/urine/etc.) or you can leave it checked if you are collecting the specimen

  • Continue to process the lab order requisition. Notice on the last screen, it has the patient's insurance information on the requisition

  • Click eSign & Submit

You've successfully submitted the lab order with the patient's insurance information on the lab requisition! Below is a quick Loom recording of this process!

Important Information

  • You are only able to add insurance if the "Specimen for the order collected" box is checked. If you did not collect a specimen, check the box for "Specimen for the order collected", enter the insurance information, and then uncheck the "Specimen for the order collected" box.

  • If you are billing insurance, and you have applied a markup to your lab charge item, no markup will be added, as there is not an invoice that processes through Hint with the markup to the insurance. The patient will pay with insurance at the lab and the lab prices are not based on the provider’s client bill price sheet.

  • Once you input the patient's insurance into the iFrame, you are unable to change or adjust it.

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