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Setting a Default Payment Method
Setting a Default Payment Method

Default payment method, setting a default payment method

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Patients have the opportunity to input multiple payment methods, and can decide which payment method they would like to use when paying their bill. A patient's default payment method will be automatically set to the first payment source they upload. The patient's default payment method should be their membership payment source.

  1. Click on 'Patients'

  2. Select Patient

  3. Click on the 'Payment Options' tab

  4. The default payment method will be highlighted blue and say "default"

Here, you will be able to view the patient's payment sources, as well if they are set up auto-pay.

To switch the default payment source, you will click 'Make Default' next to the payment source you want to make the default payment method.

You can also apply tags to payment methods to notate which payment sources will be used to charge particular items (memberships, FSA, etc.).

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