View a patient's medication history in Veradigm

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To see a patient's medication history:

  1. Navigate to the patient's clinical chart

  2. Click "+ Interaction" > "RX"

  3. Then click the blue 'Use Veradigm' link to open Veradigm for this patient

  4. Then select 'Review History

  5. Then when you are of their 'Review History' section select 'All' to see all of their medications

Screenshots for reference:

Another way you can view a patient's medication history:

  1. In Clinical: Open Veradigm from a patient's chart via "+ Interactions" or go to Settings> eRx (Veradigm) > Utility Login

  2. When you're in Veradigm click the 'Reports' Button

  3. Then select ' Patient Medication Report'

  4. Use the "Start date and End Date" to filter the prescribed medication period you want to search for

  5. Enter the patient's last name and first name

  6. Then click search

  7. Then select the patient you want to pull the report for> and click 'Display Report' and a report will generate with all of their past prescribed medication history

I attached some screenshots from my test account for reference:

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