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Dock Health Task Management + Workflow Automation
Dock Health Task Management + Workflow Automation

Hint and Dock Health’s task-management and workflow automation drives administrative and billing efficiencies and revenue opportunities

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Integrate Hint with Dock Health’s task-management and workflow automation platform to drive administrative and billing efficiencies, revenue opportunities, and operational excellence.


Working together, Hint and Dock integrate to deliver relief to care teams from unnecessary administrative burden, inefficient processes, and the lack of collaboration tools that healthcare needs - powering the direct care industry.

The Hint and Dock Health integration makes it possible for DPC providers to seamlessly automate enrollment, employee eligibility, membership management, billing, and network administration workflows—giving them more time to focus on patient care.

What are the primary integration elements?

Dock’s SaaS platform will be integrated with Hint Core, seamlessly connecting the clinical and administrative halves of healthcare. The new robust integration features bi-directional connectivity for:

  • Patient Demographics: Real-time syncing of patient demographics within Dock’s work management platform to drive more informed decision making and power patient-relations management (PRM) communications

  • Workflow Automation: New member onboarding and billing workflows can now be triggered from activities in the Hint Core platform

  • Deep-linking between platforms: Seamless connectivity between platforms makes work more efficient and effective – connecting structured data sets only found in Dock to the work being done in Hint Core

What data is synced?

With Hint as the source of truth, new and updated member information passes immediately and effortlessly between from Hint to Dock:

  • first, middle, last names

  • sex, dob, email

  • address line1, line2, city, state, zip

  • first 2 phones: number, type

Patient Relationships

  • Provider assignment (can be enabled)

Hint Membership Data

  • Membership Status

  • Employer Sponsor Name

  • Membership Plan Name

  • Patient's Balance

Here’s what Dock looks like in Hint:

Insurance Information: Only set once, when a new chart is created

  • Insurance payer/carrier name

  • member id

  • group id

Workflow Automation

Any number of workflows can be created and automated. As an example, triggering a new member onboarding workflow happens automatically when that individual is created in Hint. Choose from and customize existing workflow templates or create your own with Dock’s library and builder tools that look like this:

Configuring the integration

  1. Request the integration by reaching out to Dock Health. Dock will enable the integration.

  2. Once enabled, you can set up, view, and update the patient sync in Hint at Admin>Integrations>Other Integrations>Dock Health

  3. You can work with the Dock Crew to customize a Dock-Hint template or create new automations; i.e. changes in membership status or payment form


Q: A patient in Hint says 'unsynced', why?

A: There will be a short delay – a few seconds – and you can “refresh” your browser to update the sync status.

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