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Add Calendar Blocks

Learn how to block time in your calendar in Clinical

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You should create event blocks on your calendar to block off the date(s)/ time(s) you don't want patients to schedule with you (i.e. dates before your practice launch date/ or any dates that you will be out of office). Follow the steps below to create calendar blocks:

  1. Log into Hint Clinical.

  2. Click on the Calendar icon.

  3. Click on the date and time in your calendar you want to block.

  4. Select 'Event'.

  5. Edit the Title, Start Time, End Time, Repeat, Description, and Calendar.

Note: If you have multiple calendars, you will want to ensure you select the correct calendar you want your block to be scheduled on.

Once you have set your calendar block, patients will not be able to schedule over this time.

See the Loom video below for additional support:

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