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Creating Telehealth/Video Appointments in Clinical

How to configure a telehealth appointment in your Clinical calendar

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Hint Clinical provides the functionality to schedule telehealth/video calls with your patients. To create a Telehealth Appointment:

  1. Log into Clinical.

  2. Click on the Calendar button.

  3. Select the date and time of the appointment by clicking on the calendar.

  4. Select "Appointment".

  5. Type the Patient Name and select the patient.

  6. Click the Save button.

  7. Reopen the appointment details.

  8. Next to "Video Call", select either:

    1. Google Meet

    2. Zoom Meeting

  9. Fill out the remaining appointment information and click save.

Note: If you select 'Zoom Meeting', you will need to create your own Zoom link, as Hint will not create a Zoom link. Please refer to this article which references how to schedule meetings in Zoom.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If we use the same Google Account, will we be able to join appointments that are occurring at the same time?

  • Yes! You should be able to join from the same account. Each Google Meet/Zoom Meeting will provide an independent link for each patient appointment.

I forgot to add the telehealth option to the appointment. How do I change this?

  • To add video-calling, you can either delete the appointment and create a new one with the video option selected, OR you can click back into the appointment and select the video option.

Can the patient self-scheduler default to the video option?

  • Our system doesn't currently support the ability to have video visits default as the self-scheduler option. This is a current feature request that our team is exploring.

How do I know the meeting I scheduled is a telehealth meeting?

  • From your calendar, you will see that the meeting will have a camera icon next to the title (see below).

It appears I am in the waiting room for my Google Meet appointment

  • To avoid this, the users should join the Google Meet call from the practice email address Google account. The practice email is associated with the Google Meet link (personal user emails cannot log in to the 1:1 appointment with the patient).

Should I use the same calendar for in-person and telehealth appointments?

  • ​​We recommend that the practice sets up two calendars in Hint (one for in-person appointments and one for virtual appointments).

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