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How to Update Calendar Time Zone

How to set your calendar time zone

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If you are experiencing a time discrepancy, this is likely caused by your calendars not having a time zone selected (i.e. the area for 'Time Zone' is blank):

To resolve this, you should set the default time zone for your practice calendar(s).

  1. Navigate to the Clinical side of Hint

  2. Click on Settings (gear ikon at the bottom) >" Calendars"

  3. Next, click on your calendar that is missing a time zone

  4. Select the time zone that you are in

  5. Click 'Save' to save your changes


***(Note: sometimes you will need to do these steps twice because it won't save the first time. Just make sure that all of your calendars have a time zone listed next to them after you refresh your screen. Also, you will need to do these steps and set a time zone for all of your calendars (if you have more than one). All calendars need to have a timezone selected.)

After these steps are completed and your calendar(s) have a time zone, this will resolve the time zone issue where patients are receiving appointment reminders at the wrong time.

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