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Invoicing for Lab Orders
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To ensure that your lab orders are billed correctly, follow the below steps:

  1. In the “Search your contracted lab tests by name or code” search box, type in the test name and select the test that you want to order. This will populate the charge item that you have created in Hint with the lab name, test code, facility, and price. Press the copy button on the lab test code.

  2. Paste this test code into the “Search Test” search box to select this test for the lab order. Note: If the lab does not populate, this means that the lab facility no longer has this test code in their system as an orderable test. Please reach out to if you encounter this.

  3. Select test with matching name and ID and click 'Continue' (the lab test should match the code that is uploaded in your Lab Charge Items)

4. Search your vendor, and select the correct Vendor and click continue.

5. Under "Search or select tests and services for this order" search for your test, select it, and click continue.

6. Select Patient Diagnoses and Ordering Physician.

5. To ensure the lab is properly billed to the patient, you will need to select "Client (Our Account) under "Bill To:".

6. Choose to print or fax the requisition form or skip electronic submission

7. Once confirmed, click 'Submit'

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