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Using Wildcards in Templates

How to utilize wildcards in your templates, how to create a wildcard in a template, tab through wildcards, add a wildcard

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Inserting a wildcard within a template allows you to tab to sections of a template to write a response. For example, if you would like your template to have a question that will require a patient response (or something that you want to fill in every time), the wildcard displays that response requirement. You can tab through the template via the F2 key on a PC and Command+J on a Mac.

To Create a Wildcard

  1. Login to

  2. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Templates

  3. Click '+ New Template'

  4. Create your template, and input a "wild card" where necessary

  5. Save the template.

  6. Moving forward, you will be able to tab through the wildcards within the template using F2 on a PC and Command+J on a Mac

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