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How to create a new form in Hint Clinical, Create your own form, Add questions to form

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To Create a Form:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click on 'Forms' on the left-hand side of the screen

  3. Click on Forms across the top bar

  4. To begin to create your form, click on 'Create New'

  5. Enter the name of the Questionnaire

  6. Click Continue

The page following has several different actions:

  1. Send Form to Client - This action allows you to send the form to an outside entity, where you can provide a name, email address, and optional instructions

  2. Preview - View a preview of what your form will look like to patients

  3. Consent Forms - This action allows you to choose Consent Form(s) that are located in your Consent Forms section to attach to your questionnaire

  4. Three Dots - Additional actions are included here: Questions Library, Print PDF, Get URL, Duplicate, Settings, Rules and Delete Form

    1. Questions Library - Provided sample questions that you can add to your form

    2. Print PDF - Provides your form in Print PDF form

    3. Get URL - Provides a URL to your form (can be used for patients to take form within the office environment, via website, etc.)

    4. Duplicate - Create a duplicate of the form you're creating

    5. Settings - Additional settings

    6. Rules - Provide conditional rules to questions in your form

    7. Delete Form

  5. Common Things - Provides insight into actions you commonly take when creating forms

  6. + Add New Question - allows you to add questions to your form

Adding Questions to Form:

  1. Click on + Add New Question

  2. Select Question Type

  3. Type in your question

  4. Check for 'provide multiple lines for answer' (this allows for the patients to utilize multiple lines for their answer) or if you want the question to be required

  5. If you want placeholder text in the answer box, input a 'Placeholder'

    1. A placeholder is text that is displayed while the textbox is empty

  6. Once you complete this question, click + Add New Question to continue adding questions

Once complete, you can navigate back to Forms to see your completed form

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