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Employer Portal: Overview

Employer portal view, employer access

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When an employer is given access to Hint, they have access to Hint via an Employer Portal. The below reviews what an employer has access to from within their portal.


  • This section of the portal provides the employer access to all employees and dependents

  • From here, employers can add new employees or dependents

  • You are also able to edit and enroll/unenroll patients


  • This section of the portal provides employer access to their invoices with a practice

  • Note: To protect patient privacy all non-membership charge details are not visible. Aggregate costs can be viewed in the summary section above by category of charge

Payment Methods

  • This section of the portal is where employer payment method information is housed, along with payment terms, and the ability to utilize auto-pay

Employee Uploads

  • This section of the portal is where employers can uploads employees into Hint

  • Files are uploaded in CSV format

Online Signup

  • This section of the portal is where the Employee Sign-Up Settings are located, which includes the signup link and whether or not you collect SSN or not

Account Settings

  • This section of the portal is where:

    • Contact information can be updated

    • Employee Pricing is located

    • Enrollment and Termination Settings

    • Employee Divisions

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