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Port In a Phone Number

How to port in a phone number to Hint, phone porting, practice phone number

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When you join Hint as a practice, and have a practice phone number that you'd like to use at Hint, we will need to complete a phone port. Upon onboarding, Hint will ask you a few questions:

  • Does your practice has an existing business phone number?

  • What is your practice phone number that you would like to transfer to Hint?

  • Who is your provider for this practice phone number?

  • What is the account number with this phone provider?

  • Is there a PIN number associated with this phone number account?

  • Is there anything else we need to know about your current business phone configuration?

  • Please attach a copy of your latest bill/invoice from your phone provider.

Once you provide this information, Hint will be able to complete your phone port. Porting your US telephone number is a seven-step process that can take up to four (4) weeks depending on the type of number you are porting and the country the number is located in. The process includes coordination between our upstream provider and your service provider to transfer the number to Twilio.


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