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Dose Spot Activation

Dose Spot is our new ePrescribing platform. Activation is quick and intuitive. DoseSpot, dosespot, dose spot

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Signup will take approximately 5 minutes. You will need the following to complete the steps:

  • ID/ Driver's License

  • Credit card (your card will not be charged, it is for identity verification only)

If you are the first clinician to activate Dose Spot in your practice, please navigate to Clinical > Settings > ePrescribe Dose Spot > Click Connect. Next, start with step 4 below. If you are not the first clinician in your practice to activate Dose Spot, please start with step 1.

  1. Navigate to a patient chart

  2. + Interaction > RX

  3. Click ePrescribe with Dose Spot

  4. The screen will display 3 agreements to acknowledge. Please agree to each one.

  5. Certify and click 'Start'

  6. Enter your information

  7. Next

  8. Enter the one-time passcode sent to your mobile phone

  9. Answer security questions

  10. Set your pin (please remember this and/ or keep a record of it)

Here is the guide to set up multifactor authentication with Duo, TFA for prescribing controlled substances, and how to send prescriptions.

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