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Dose Spot -TFA to enable ePrescribing Controlled Substances
Dose Spot -TFA to enable ePrescribing Controlled Substances

Two-factor authentication for setting up EPCS DoseSpot, dosespot, dose spot

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Please notify Hint Support when you are ready to complete EPCS signup. We will turn it on for you.

To activate your ePrescribing controlled substances, you will need to download the DUO app on your phone. Next, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Dose Spot from a patient chart.

  2. Next to your name on the upper left corner of the page, you should see a❗️

  3. Click ❗️

  4. Enter your cell phone number

  5. The system will ask for your mobile phone number to send you the links to download and set up Duo via text. Be sure to click the agreement checkbox near the bottom of the page before clicking “Send Me Duo Activation Texts”.

  6. You will receive two text messages: The first link will bring you to the app store to download and install Duo Mobile. The second will need to be opened with Duo once it is installed. This link will set up a profile on Duo for you.

  7. Click 'next' to name your account. Dosespot is a good default name in case Duo is already set up for another job or location.

  8. After your new account is named on Duo, you will be asked if you want to practice using Duo. This will send you through a quick tutorial on how to use Duo Mobile. You may hit the skip button if you choose not to do so.

  9. This is your final and most important page on Duo. Here you will find the Two Factor Authentication (or TFA) code for sending EPCS. You may need to hit the “show passcode” button to reveal the passcode or “refresh passcode” to get a new one.

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