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Labs FAQs

FAQs for Labs, lab uploads

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I am seeing an Error 500 message when I try to open the lab interaction.

  • Ensure that your patient's demographics are filled out in their patient profile. Missing demographic information will not allow you to order labs!

  • If the demographics are complete, please reach out to

I am ordering a lab for a patient, but I am not seeing the ability to bill insurance.

  • Not all labs allow you to bill insurance. You are likely seeing this because that particular lab does not have the option to bill to insurance!

I want to order labs, but when I filled out my onboarding form, I was not working with a lab facility/manufacturer yet.

  • No worries! Once you have connected with a lab facility/manufacturer, Hint can get this set up for you!

  • Please provide us with the name of the facility/manufacturer and your account number, and we will take care of the rest!

I accidentally sent the wrong lab. Am I able to cancel this?

  • Once labs are ordered in Hint, through Health Gorilla, there is no way to cancel or modify a lab order after it is sent.

I have been ordering labs, but it does not appear that the invoicing is working.

  • There are a few reasons this could be happening!

    • You are billing charge items that are not uploaded in Hint.

    • You are billing charge items through a facility/manufacturer that you are not set up with.

    • The charge item code that you billed is incorrect.

    • You are not billing the charge items to the "client" (or patient).

  • Reach out to if you have any questions!

I would like to update my lab pricing. How do I do this?

  • Please reach out to with your updated pricing in CSV/Excel format, and we can take care of this for you!

I have a patient who is not using insurance and is going to pay for the lab out of pocket.

  • To have the patient pay the lab directly you will need to click 'Patient Billing' to have the patient pay the lab vendor directly for their labs.

  • Additionally, if they are getting their labs drawn at the lab vendor (i.e. you are not collecting the specimen/sample and the lab is collecting it) ensure you leave the checkbox for "Specimen for the Order Collected" blank:

  • You will print out the lab requisition order and give it to the patient and they will give it to the lab vendor. They will get their lab work drawn and pay for their labs at the vendor's facility!

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