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Dose Spot Prescribing with a Supervisor

DoseSpot, Supervising physician

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  1. Navigate to your patient's chart and click 'ePrescribe with Dose Spot'

  2. Select Pharmacy

  3. To add pharmacy notes, Click the “+” next to “Show Pharmacy Notes”. Here you can choose from one of the “Common Notes” provided. You also have the option to add custom notes.

  4. IF you do not want the pharmacy to look for other options such as generic versions of the selected drug, select “No Substitutions”.

  5. Select the prescription type: Medication, Supply, or Compound.

  6. Type the prescription name from the search bar and choose the specific form you need (Tablet, liquid, etc).

  7. Select the prescription strength.

  8. Choose the prescription effective date.

  9. Add directions, dosage amount, number of allowed refills, and days’ supply.

  10. Choose if the prescription is “Urgent” or not.

  11. If this prescription is common, you can select “Save As Favorite”.

  12. Save the prescription, which will add it to your “Pending Medications”

Supervising Physician

  1. Navigate to the patient's chart and click 'ePrescribe with Dose Spot'

  2. Navigate to Pending Medications

  3. Review prescription details in the list to verify that everything is correct.

  4. Select the prescription to use.

  5. Click the “Approve and Send” button.

  6. The system will ask for your PIN for all medications.

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