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Clinical - Communication Settings Overview
Clinical - Communication Settings Overview

Get to know the communications tab in Hint Clinical

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Within Clinical, there is a designated tab for all communication needs! Within this tab, you will find the below communications options:

Phone Calls

  • Abilities:

    • Voicemail: Click on "Voicemail" and you will be directed to the Practice info page to set up your voicemail greeting message

    • View missed calls:

For each missed call, you have the ability to:

  • Mark the call 'Read'

  • Mark the call 'Completed'

  • Call back the patient

  • Create a phone call note

  • Create a contact with the phone number

  • Delete the phone call

Unread SMS

In this section, you are able to view unread patient SMS messages. When you click on the tab, you will see historical text messages. In order to view messages from patients in a split screen view, click on 'Split Screen':

From within the split screen view, you can:

  • View unread SMS messages

View SMS messages from your practice phone number and additional phone numbers

Lab Results

This section of communications provides notification of any lab results that come in for a patient. As a note, you will receive all lab notifications, not just results for your assigned patients.

Incoming Faxes

The 'Incoming Faxes' section of Hint allows the user to view any received faxes and create a new faxes to send!

Received faxes will appear like below:

To send a new fax:

  1. Click on ' + New Fax'

  2. Input the below fields:

  3. Click Send

Form Submissions

If you have sent a form to your patient, and they have completed the form, you will receive a notification in the 'Form Submissions' section.

From here, you also have the ability to:

  • Mark the form unread

  • Mark the form complete

  • Delete the form

My Drafts

If you create a note, phone call, fax, etc. and you have not yet saved it or completed it, the document will remain in this section as a draft. You have the ability to click back into the draft, and complete it if necessary:

From here, you also have the ability to:

  • Mark the draft unread

  • Mark the draft complete

  • Delete the draft

Scheduled Communications

The last section in the Communication tab is for scheduled communications. Here, you can schedule a new communication:

From here, you can determine whether you want to send the communication as an SMS or Email notification, when to send the message, the patient name, and what number you want the notification to come from (if SMS). The email associated with the notification will always be your practice email.

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