Liberty Direct Transition

On and after Feb 1st, 2017, all Liberty Direct direct-to-practice membership subsidies will be removed in Hint, so that your members will be billed the full amount based on the membership plan they are on.

What are my responsibilities as a practice?
  1. Ensure all fixed rates are removed (if you set the rate to the subsidy amount or $0)
  2. Ensure a valid payment method is on file for the patient
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Why and how is Liberty changing the amount of DPC fee sharing?

In the past, Liberty Direct paid to DPC practices between $60 and $100/month on the patient's behalf, depending on family size and number of family members enrolled in DPC.

For currently enrolled members, Liberty Direct will share this same amount through July 1, 2017. However, this will be accomplished through a process of sharing directly with the patient as opposed to Liberty HealthShare paying the DPC practice directly. *Note that Liberty will not share with the patient more than your DPC practice charges*

Liberty Direct will continue to support your patient's enrollment in your DPC membership with two significant changes:
  1. Liberty Direct will stop paying a portion of your DPC fees directly to the practice on your behalf. Instead, we will be sharing with you a portion of the fees you pay to your doctor. This change begins for all DPC fees billed starting Feb 1, 2017. The reasoning for this important change is presented in our prior communication. 
  2. Beginning July 1, 2017, Liberty Direct will modify the amounts that they share in DPC membership fees for all who were members of Liberty Direct as of December 31, 2016. The table shown below indicates what Liberty currently expects to be the amount of your DPC fee payment that they will share starting in July. The sharing amount will be calculated based on your report of the various methods your chosen DPC practice provides to help you steward your resources and those of the Liberty HealthShare community.

To contact Liberty Direct: Dial (855) 585-4237, and then when prompted, use extension x1570 for Kevin or x1591 for Cherelle.

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