Employer Portal: Adding New Employees & Dependents

If you have a large list of employees/dependents to add, please reach out to the practice and they will be able to upload them for you. If you just have a handful to add you can do so following the below directions:

Adding a new Employee

  1. Click on the 'Employee' tab
  2. Select '+ New Employee or Dependent' or '+ New Employee' 
  3. Fill out all the demographic information
  4. Select their enrollment date
  5. Employee start dates must be on the first of the month
  6. Press 'Create Employee'

Adding a new Dependent

Adding a dependent is only possible from the employer portal if your enrollment method is 'Sign Up Employees and Dependents Automatically'
  1. From the employee tab, select '+ New Employee or Dependent'
  2. Fill out all the demographic information
  3. In the 'Type' field, select adult or child
  4. In the 'Dependent of' field select the employee who the dependent should be connected to 
  5. Press 'Create Dependent'

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