Adding a Payment Source

Adding a Payment Source to a Patient's Account

  1. Select the patient to view their profile page
  2. Click 'Payment Options'
  3. Select '+Add Card' or '+Add Bank Account'
    1. For a Credit Card: enter card number, expiration date and CVC code
      1. Any current or past charges will be processed automatically when a new card is added
    2. For a Bank Account: enter the account number and routing number from the check
      1. The patient will need to verify the bank account for security
      2. Charges will process once the account is verified

Asking the Patient to Enter their Payment Source

If you do not have access to a patient's payment source, you can send a request asking the patient to input it themselves. 
  1. Select the patient to view their profile page
  2. In the Financial Info section, click 'Send Request for Payment Info'
This will send the patient  a link they can use to enter their payment information. 

To see a copy of this notification:
  1. Click 'Admin'
  2. Click 'Notifications'
  3. Click 'Patient Notifications'
  4. Scroll down to Notification number 15 and click 'View'

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