Creating a Membership

Adding a Membership to a Patient

  1. Start in the 'Patients'  tab
  2. Add a new patient or search for existing patient
  3. Select the patient
  4. Click  '+New Membership'
  5. All pricing fields are pre-populated based on your membership pricing structure
  6. Click  'Create Membership'

Membership Settings at the Patient Level 

While you define your pricing plan in the Admin section, you can also make edits to a membership at the patient level, including creating family and group memberships.

Some customizable options are:
  • Start Date:Click  'Manually Set Date'  and enter a date in the past or the future
    • Recurring membership fee charges will be based on the set start date.
    • If the start date is set to today, the membership will be active beginning today and the first charge will process immediately
    • If start date is set in the future, the membership will be pending and the first charge will default to the set start date
    • If start date is set in the past, the membership will be active from set start date and first charge will process immediately
  • 'Billed' defaults to Monthly recurring charges
    • Click to select Quarterly, Semi-annually or Annual payments based on preference
    • The total will calculate based on the monthly price and any discounts entered on pricing page
  • Overriding Membership Rate
  • Adding a Coupon
  • Overriding Registration Fee: Click  'Override Registration Fee'  to add, change or remove fee
  • Bills Section will auto-calculate amount due including membership fee, registration fee, and any discounts applied
    • This will show you the due dates for the first two bills, which are based on the start date

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