Payment Source Statuses Explained

Below you'll find the statuses that a payment source (card or bank account) can have, and exactly what they mean. We've grouped them together here by "category". (These are the same categories you can filter your memberships by in the Memberships Report)

Source Status

Valid Statuses

  • New - This means the source appears to be valid and is ready to be charged. but has not actually been successfully charged yet.
  • Confirmed - The source is valid and it's most recent payment was successful.

Status Requires Action

  • Unverified - This is for bank accounts only, and it means the account needs to be verified by entering the two test deposits sent to that account. For more info on the bank verification process, see this article
  • Expiring - The card will be expiring within a month. This can only happen for credit cards.
  • Invalid - This means the source simply has something wrong with it, like an incorrect number, or cvc code. You will have to add a new source when you see this.
  • Failed - This means the source has failed for some un-resolvable reason (eg. account closed, expired, etc.). You will need to add a new source.

Warning Status

  • Warning - This means the most recent payment has failed, but for a reason that might be resolvable without adding a new source. It could be anything from a card declined error (which could just resolve itself), insufficient funds, or even just a temporary network error.
It's also possible you'll see a "processing" status. This should only ever show up for a second though, as we send the source to our payment processor. It should more or less immediately update to one of the above statuses.

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