Membership Reports

The Memberships Report gives you powerful filters for understanding the breakdown of your memberships. Specifically, you can:

  • Filter on memberships that are 'Unconfirmed', 'Starting', 'Ending', 'Active', or 'Billing' within any month or arbitrary time frame
  • Filter on autopay enable or disable to see check payers that may require a paper invoice
  • Filter on memberships whose Payment Source is 'Valid', 'Has Warning', or 'Requires Attention'
  • Filter on memberships that are billed 'Monthly', 'Quarterly', 'Semi-Annually', or 'Annually'
  • Filter on membership plan, by employers, or by retail memberships only
  • Combine the above filters any way you like

To access this report, simply click on Reports -> Memberships and then select your desired filters. This report will show all upcoming membership invoices except those that have been generated in advance of their due date. 

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