Cyph Integration

Cyph is a hyper-secure, HIPAA compliant communications platform. Learn more about them here.

This integration lets you do simple video, voice and text virtual visits with your patients, all without downloading any software at all. Just click a button, Cyph takes care of the rest.

Once enabled, a button will show up on each patient's page allowing you to start a secure virtual visit with that patient. To initiate a virtual visit:

  1. Navigate to the patients profile you would like to initiate a virtual visit with 
  2. Click 'Virtual Visit' in the upper right corner of their profile 
  3. Click the green 'Email Link To Patient and Join Virtual Visit Room Now'
  4. The link will expire after 15min if a connection is not made
*NOTE: patients must have an accepted HIPAA authorization to receive the virtual visits email link

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does Cyph cost?
The Cyph beta is free to use for individuals. 

Q: Is Cyph mobile friendly?
Native chat applications for Android and iOS are in the works but not currently avilable. However, Cyph will work on the latest versions of the Chrome mobile browser. Note: This means that iPhone's will not work by default, since the default browser on iPhones is Safari. You can download Chrome on an iPhone though.

Why do I keep getting the "I'm sorry, but your cyph is in another castle" screen?
Common reasons for landing on this page are: the cyph URL has been opened more than once (only the first person who clicks it is allowed into the chat) or the cyph link has already expired.

How do I send photos?
Click the media icon in the message composition textbox (on the far right; only visible when no text has been entered) and select the photo you wish to share.

How do I send files?
Click the paperclip icon (on the far left on desktops and on the top right on mobile) and select the file you wish to share.

Q. How do I know Cyph is secure?
A: Cyph was founded by former SpaceX engineers with a passion for online privacy. Further, the product has received excellent marks from an independent security audit. If you have more questions, you can contact them at

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