Instant Bank Account Verification Process

Your patients can now instantly authenticate ACH transfers without waiting for micro-deposits. This can be done from the online signup form or by sending a request for payment information to the patient. This means that if the patient is set to be billed upon completion of the online signup form, the patient’s bank account will automatically be charged the amount of the membership and registration fees.

NOTE: If the patient already has an unverified bank account on file, you'll need to remove it before sending the request for payment information to the patient. 

If your patient would like to instantly verify their bank account from the online signup form, they'll need to:
  1. Select your bank and login in using your online banking credentials

  2. Select the account you'd like to use for payment
  3. Once they have confirmed the account, it will display as linked and will enter Hint as a verified account

If your patient would like to verify their bank account via test deposits or their bank does not appear in the drop down menu, click here

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