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  1. Abandonment Tracking for Online Signup (Signup Attempts)

  2. Account Setup

  3. Adding a Dependent/Patient to a Membership

  4. Adding a Non-Member Payer on Online Signup

  5. Adding a One Time Charge for a Patient

  6. Adding a Patient

  7. Adding a Payment Source

  8. Adding a Social Security Number

  9. Adding a User Login

  10. Adding Additional Administrators to an Employer

  11. Adding an Employee/Dependent from the Employee Tab

  12. Adding an employer credit or one-off charge

  13. Adding and Applying Credits

  14. Adding and removing employees/dependents from an employer invoice

  15. Adding Charge Items or Discounts (Recurring or One-Time) to a Membership

  16. Archiving a Company

  17. Assigning a Custom Membership Rate

  18. Assigning or Changing a Provider for a Patient

  19. Auto Logout

  20. Autopay for Employers

  21. Bank Account Verification Via Test Deposits

  22. Billed Revenue Report

  23. Can I stop an ACH (bank transfer) payment from processing?

  24. Changing Default Membership Plan

  25. Changing Membership Payment Due Date

  26. Changing the Bank Account For Your Practice's Deposits

  27. Changing the Payer on an Invoice

  28. Changing User to Admin or Non-Admin

  29. Charges, Charge Items, Discounts, Inventory, and Charge Categories

  30. Configuring Lead Source

  31. Configuring Your Membership Rates and Billing Options

  32. Confirming a Membership

  33. Converting a Consumer Patient to an Employer Sponsored Membership

  34. Creating a Membership

  35. Creating a Patient Terms Agreement Link

  36. Creating a prorated membership invoice

  37. Creating and Issuing Invoices

  38. Creating Memberships Where The Payer Is Not A Patient

  39. Creating Multiple Pricing Plans

  40. Creating Sales Tax Profiles and Jurisdictions

  41. Customizing Notifications

  42. Cyph Integration

  43. Deleting a Patient (archive)

  44. Deleting or Replacing a Payment Method

  45. Deposit Report

  46. Disabling Autopay for Patients Paying by Check/Cash

  47. Discounts (negative charge items)

  48. Disputed Charge

  49. Downloading Employer Invoices

  50. Editing a Patient's Phone Number, Email, Address or Date of Birth

  51. Editing an Issued Invoice

  52. Elation Integration

  53. Emailing, printing or sending an invoice

  54. Employee Divisions

  55. Employer Account Setup

  56. Employer Invoice Settings

  57. Employer Invoices Report

  58. Employer Plans

  59. Employer Portal: Adding New Employees & Dependents

  60. Employer Portal: Setting up your account

  61. Employer Portal: Un-enrolling an Employee

  62. Employer Portal: Viewing and Paying Invoices

  63. Ending a Membership

  64. Four-Tier Pricing

  65. Group Membership Pricing Setup

  66. How Can I View a Statement of Credit Card/ACH/Hint Processing Fees?

  67. How do I download a report with patient email address?

  68. How do I edit the membership name and description on invoices?

  69. How Do I Mark an Invoice as Paid by Check/Cash?

  70. How Do I Override The Bank Account Verification?

  71. How Do I Resolve Elation Sync Errors?

  72. How Long Does It Take For An ACH Payment To Finish Clearing?

  73. How To Apply A Partial Refund

  74. How to I see my cash payments?

  75. How To Issue A Membership Invoice In Advance Of Due Date

  76. How to prevent a child from signing up for a membership without an adult

  77. How/When Do I Get Paid?

  78. Importing Membership Data

  79. Importing/Upload Patient Data

  80. Instant Bank Account Verification Process

  81. Invoice Payment Statuses & Payment History

  82. Invoice Revisions

  83. Iora Integration

  84. Is there an easy way to print mailing labels?

  85. Liberty Direct Transition

  86. Limit Online Signup by Zip Code

  87. Mailgun Integration

  88. Marking An Invoice As Bad Debt

  89. MDHQ Integration

  90. MDScripts Integration

  91. Membership Coupons

  92. Membership Reports

  93. Membership Statuses

  94. Merging a patient record (merge duplicate)

  95. Multiple Plans for Employers

  96. Notifications: Choosing Which Notifications Your Patients Receive

  97. Notifications: Choosing Which Notifications Your Practice Receives

  98. Notifications: Settings Overview

  99. Online Signup - From the Patient's Perspective

  100. Online Signup Form

  101. Online Signup Form for Multiple Pricing Plans

  102. Optional Payment Source Collection From Online Signup

  103. Orchestra One Integration

  104. Overriding Default Membership Rates

  105. Password Creation and Reset

  106. Patient IDs

  107. Patient Invoices Report

  108. Patient Statuses

  109. Paying Invoices

  110. Payment Source Statuses Explained

  111. Print/Email Patient Payment Summary (Invoice Summary)

  112. Prorating an Invoice

  113. Received Payments Report

  114. Refunding a Payment on a Invoice

  115. Reissuing a Membership Invoice whose due date has already passed (back billing)

  116. Removing a Patient from a Membership

  117. Removing The Primary Patient From A Membership

  118. Requesting Payment Info From Patients

  119. Sales Tax Reporting

  120. Salesforce Integration

  121. Scheduling Payment on an Issued Invoice

  122. Setting a contract length

  123. Setting Provider Panel Size Limits

  124. Setting up Invoicing Ahead of Time

  125. Spruce Health Integration

  126. Toggling Between Multiple Hint Accounts

  127. Turning On/Off Payment Options (American Express, ACH)

  128. Twine Integration

  129. Twistle Integration

  130. Uploading a roster of employees

  131. User Controls

  132. Viewing Emails a Patient has Recieved

  133. Voiding an invoice

  134. Why Are Some of My Deposits Slightly Off?

  135. Why can't I refund this charge?

  136. Why does this invoice say 'clearing'?

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