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Employer Plans

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Setting up employer plans is very similar to the process of setting up your retail/consumer membership plans with a few key differences. You can set up as many employer plans as needed.

Employers can also share plans, meaning when setting up a new employer they can have the same default plan as another employer. This way you do not need to have multiple versions of the same plan.

To set up an employer plan

  1. Click 'Admin'

  2. Click 'Employers' or 'Sponsors' from the drop down

  3. Go to the 'Employer/Sponsor Plans' tab

  4. Select '+ New Plan' 

  5. Set a plan name

  6. If you already have an employer plan created you can copy details for that plan or select none and the settings will default to be the same pricing as your default plan

You can then customize the following:

Registration fees

You can set a registration fee per employee and also a maximum registration fee. So if your registration fee is $50 and then your max was $100, if you had an employee and 3 dependents sign up they would be charged a $100 registration fee instead of $150.

Age Restrictions

You can set minimum or maximum age restrictions to prevent patients outside of the age ranges you treat from enrolling through online signup. This also provides a warning message to your practice admins/ company admins if they attempt to enroll a patient who doesn't meet the age requirements.

If a patient enrolls and the ages into a restricted age range, they will continue to bill at the age tier listed in the age based pricing section until their membership is terminated. However your practice will be sent a notification letting you know a patient has aged out.

Membership Rates

You can set up the membership rates using 'Individual Membership Rates' or 'Group Tier' pricing (formally called four-tier pricing).

More about setting up 'Individual Membership Rates' and Family and Group Maximums can be found here (please only refer to the sections 'Individual Membership Fees', 'Family Membership Fees' and 'Group Membership Fees').

More about setting up 'Group Tier' pricing can be found here.

Special Rates

If the rates above do not fully cover your fee schedule, you can define special rates at the bottom of the plan (e.g., "College Student"). You can then manually apply these on a per-person basis when creating the membership.

Please note any edits made to your plans will affect all employees/employers who are enrolled with this plan effective their next bill date.

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