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Confirming a Membership
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When a patient completes the online member signup form, and you have Auto-Confirm turned Off, you will have to confirm to activate the membership and begin charges.

  1. Click 'Patients'

  2. Select 'Unconfirmed' from the drop down menu

  3. Select the patient you would like to confirm

  4. Click 'Edit Membership' or click the 'Memberships' tab

  5. Review the membership information and make changes to it as needed (such as editing price, discounts, start date, etc)

  6. Click 'Update' to apply changes

  7. Click 'Confirm Membership'

Once the membership is confirmed, any charges such as first payment and registration fee will be processed against the account on file.
The start and next bill date will always default to say 'Today'. So iIf you don't confirm the membership on the day it is created, then you will need to click 'Update' at the bottom the 'Today' is referring to the day you are confirming them vs. the day they signed up. Once the membership has been updated you will have the confirm button.

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