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Adding Charge Items or Discounts (Recurring or One-Time) to a Membership
Adding Charge Items or Discounts (Recurring or One-Time) to a Membership
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The Hint platform has a set of tools designed to manage recurring charge items or discounts on a membership. Charge items and discounts can be pre-defined in 'Charges & Taxes' under the Admin section. There is also the ability to assign categories, making it easy to filter charges in revenue and payment reports by categories to segment out membership and non-membership charges.

To add a recurring charge item to a membership:

  1. Navigate to the patient's profile in Hint

  2. Click 'edit membership' 

  3. Scroll down to the 'Additional Charges' section 

  4. Click 'Add Charge'

  5. Select from preloaded charge items in the dropdown menu

  6. Select if this is a one-time charge/discount or select how many times the charge/discount should bill on the membership

  7. Click 'update' at the bottom of the page

When membership invoices are auto produced, the invoice will include any recurring charge items or discounts that are included on the membership page. These recurring charge items will continue to bill along side the membership charges until the duration expires, the charge item is removed or the membership is terminated.

 If you would like to add a charge item to a one off invoice, follow these directions.

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