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Notifications Sent to Practice Users
Notifications Sent to Practice Users
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Hint notifies practice users via email when you might need to take action. This includes when patients enroll, terminate, or when unpaid invoices need to be addressed. To view and manage notifications follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Notifications > Practice

  2. Click 'View' to view the message contents

  3. Toggle the notification 'Off' if you don't want to receive it

Emails are sent to the following user roles:

  • Admins, Managers, Staff and Staff Limited users are expected to receive all of the practice email notifications, if enabled.

  • Reports Only users will not receive any of the practice email notifications.

  • Read Only users will only receive the new patient email notifications.

Note: If a role is restricted by location groups, the user will only receive the emails with content relevant to their assigned location groups. If the role is not restricted by location groups, they are expected to receive all email notifications.

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