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Assigning a Custom Membership Rate
Assigning a Custom Membership Rate
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If the rates you set for individual, family or group membership fees, do not fully cover your fee schedule, you can define special rates (e.g., "College Student"). You can then manually apply these on a per-person basis. They will also be displayed on patient invoices in place of the charge's name.

Adding Special Rates To The Membership Pricing Plan:

  1. Click 'Admin'

  2. Click 'Membership Options'

  3. Click 'View/Edit' on the membership plan you want to add a custom rate for

  4. Click '+Add Special Rate'

  5. Click 'Update' to save your changes

Assigning a custom rate to a membership patient

You can manually apply a custom rate on a per-person basis when creating a membership:

  1. Search for and select the patient who you would like to give a special rate to

  2. Click 'New Membership' or 'Edit Membership'

  3. Click 'Override Rule' to override the age based default pricing and apply a custom rate

  4. Select the new rule from the dropdown menu

  5. Click 'Create Membership' or 'Update' at the bottom to save the membership changes

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