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Password Creation and Reset
Password Creation and Reset
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Password Creation

In order to protect your account, we have implemented a system to ensure you pick a strong password that is easy to remember, but hard for a computer to crack. As you begin to type in your password, you will see the meter below the password field change from red to orange and then maybe green. This meter indicates how strong your password is - red being the weakest and green being the strongest. We used a open-source standard developed originally by dropbox called zxcvbn Our system judges your password based on factors such as uniqueness, character repetition and length. The more uncommon words you use, the stronger your password will be.

As you begin to type, we will give you tips for how to make your password stronger. A password that is orange or green will be accepted, anything that is red will not.

Don't worry, your password does not have to be complicated to be strong. A password such as 'Ilovemyhorsey' is much stronger than 'P@ssw0rd1'. **

**Please do not use these as a password.

Resetting Your Password

If you cannot log in to Hint because you have forgotten your password, enter your email & click continue, then click "Forgot Password?". You can see details steps here.

Updating Your Password

If you are logged into Hint but have decided that you would like to update your password, click your name in the upper right hand corner and select profile. Once you have entered in a new password that meets our requirements, click update.

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