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Overriding Default Membership Rates
Overriding Default Membership Rates
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When creating a new membership, membership rates will calculate based on the rules you set when configuring your membership plans. You can override these rates at the group level, or at the individual patient/member level.

Overriding Rates at the Individual Patient Level

When you add patients to the membership, our algorithms will automatically calculate the per patient pricing. To override this rate:

Once you have overridden any individual price, the option to 'Remove Override' will appear to the right of the rate. If you click this button our algorithms will recalculate the rate based on your membership plan.

If you override all membership rates on the per patient level, then the option of overriding the total rate will be disabled.

Overriding Rates at the Membership Level

If you prefer to override the rate at the membership level, you are able to do this by simply scrolling to the 'Total Rate' row and click the 'Override Rate' link to the right. This will open a dialog box where you can manually define this rate.

When you create an override at the membership level, our algorithms will auto generate new rates for each patient. You will still be able to override these per patient rates. For example, in the example below there are 2 adults who are $119/m and $95/m, and a child who is $89/m. If you manually override the group rate from $303/m to $270/m, our pricing algorithms will apply a weighted average group discount to all members in the group. So the adults will now be $98.27/m and $98.25/m and the child will be $73.48/m.

If you were to then override the child's rate to be $70, the total would not change, instead the two adult rates would be adjusted so the total still equaled $270.

 If you have any further questions regarding how our algorithms will impact individual or group pricing, please let us know via the in app support channel.

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