To add a one time charge for a patient such as a vaccination or lab fee that might not be included in the membership:

  1. Navigate to the patient profile

  2. Click on the 'Invoices' tab

  3. Click'+New Invoice 

  4. Start to type in the name of the charge item you would like to add. If you have preloaded a list of charge items, that list will pop up and you can select the item you want. If you did not upload a list, you can still enter the item, its quantity, and amount

  5. Click 'Issue Invoice'. If there is a payment method, you will then be able to process the invoice, schedule it for a future date, or indicate you received a cash or check payment. If there is no payment source, you will be able to add one and then process payment, or indicate that you received a cash or check payment  

A full article on how our charge items work can be found here

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